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Dank Fashion Exclusive – Lovedank Welcomes xMELT!

Dank Fashion – Lovedank Interviews Scoop 3

Lovedank Interviews

As a country and I’m pretty sure in other parts of the world, it seems like we have kinda morphed into a new year. 2021 is upon us. Lovedank is kicking off the year with the third helping of our interview series, following on from our chats with H Town Hemp and Headchef. Scoop 3 is upon us and it’s a tasty helping!

Scoop 3: xMELT

You already know Italy 🇮🇹 has the best Ice Cream, the best GELATO.

And our latest interview guests are Italian Dank Couple, Peppe and Jenny, owners of vibrant British based weedwear brand @xmeltofficial. Born out of the circumstances of Covid 19, Lovedank is predicting big things for their unique brand of Canna Fashion! After a chance meeting via Instagram DM, we caught our first sight of their brand and was immediately drawn in. Upon looking closer, our suspicions were confirmed. These guys are putting out spectacular content, displaying standout products on their website and seem like minded with their ambitions.

Accompanied remotely by @otfd420 , Lovedank met with xMELT to ask them about the creation of their brand and their latest releases, followed by a look ahead at the plans for the future. It was a fascinating Zoom interview, relaxed, joint in hand. Just like in our previous interviews, we ended our engaging conversation with some quick fire fun questions. Lovedank seeks to inform you, to serve you and to ENTERTAIN you.

Lets get to know xMELT then.

Paloma & Kief, Livin da vida loca!

The Interview – xMELT in the Hotseat!

Dank Fashion – Lovedank Interviews Scoop 3

“Hey Peppe, Hey Jenny. Delighted to find out more about your exciting brand. We love what we have seen of your work so far. Creating waves and pushing boundaries. Tell us about how you met and when you started working together?””

Peppe:We first met in Bologna where I was living with a mate, she was in Florence but we had a near friend in common. One evening they just shown up at my best friend’s home and we‘ve been partying and smoking all night. Surely one of the most stoned nights I can remember. A wonderful way to meet😆.”

Jenny: “As usual the best things just happen! That was simply a random night that changed my life. Since the first day we had a particular affinity that it was like we were together in another life.”

Peppe: We started working together and it has been like minded all along. We are similar in many ways so yeah, we have been really lucky!

“Aah that is sweet man. Lovedank loves a dank romance. Seems like we have a power couple on our hands. Two creative souls with a shared artistic & recreational vision. Why do you think you make the perfect team?

Jenny: It’s a much more a work of support at the design stage and we review together. He is the man of the detail. We are very similar, as in we think the same way artistically, and as people, our behaviours and values are the same. We complement each other and manage to have a mid point between visions to find the perfect match and equilibrium.

The Creation of xMELT.

Did you guys have any background in design?”

Peppe:Actually we didn’t have any particular background in design. Jenny has always had a passion for drawing, she is very good at it, her mum is an art teacher actually. And obviously we have always loved the fashion world but when we started building the brand we had to study the fashion industry better. From market trends and production alternatives to designing and marketing clothing lines. Its all acquired knowledge rather than experience. I was a writer and graffiti artist and stuff so maybe it all works.”

Dank Fashion
An example of Jenny’s drawing skills

“Well that’s impressive. I’m with you on the acquired knowledge.It’s a constant education, especially when running a website and even things like formatting pictures can be a WHOLE headache. But hey, you display natural creativity as well which cannot be taught… tell us about the logo!”

Peppe: “From the start we imagined the upside-down leaf and its basically went from there. Thats how we really start all the designs and everything, compare our ideas to create something more. Don’t think one way. Thinking out of the box, you know.

“Sometimes the simplicity of an idea is actually the tool that makes it so powerful and funny enough, is what makes it so difficult to think of. So where did the name xMELT come from?”

Peppe: “We really love the melting effect on everything, especially dabs! .”

Jenny:And it’s an important part of our brand identity, it’s on all of our designs..

Peppe: “So we went with melt for that reason, we liked it.

Jenny:X is there just because, you know, it’s a cool letter haha🤷‍♀️.” (Pepe also laughing at this point)

Dank Fashion
Picture by @greymangeneticsv2

Concepts..from Italy 🇮🇹 to England🇬🇧…

How to decarb weed“‘Were you living in Italy when you started this concept?”

Peppe: “The concept to start something related to cannabis began in Italy. We have had it in our minds for a long time but in Italy, its difficult as it is highly illegal. Its all medical and nothing more and seen as a drug. Starting there would not have worked and we thought that Manchester/UK would be much more beneficial than Italy.

“One thing I noticed , they used to have CBD cafes in Italy but they have recently been outlawed again, re – criminalised. Another step back.”

Peppe:Absolutely, its getting worse not better.”

“Why do you think they are doing this, in your opinion??

Peppe: “Because they define cannabis and CBD wrong in many ways. Media and all. Taking weed like it is equal to taking heroin. Its bad that it’s seen that way but for now, sadly, it’s true..

“Yeah despite the legality issues here, socially it certainly seems more accepted in comparison. So, lets move onto some of your clothes….
Firstly tell us about most successful garment to date?”

Range of collections.

Dank Fashion – Lovedank Interviews Scoop 3

To date, the most wanted is the hoodie for sure. Its actually quite clear, as the garment that has the most and best sales, and highlights the product perfectly. And the hoodie is a top garment, easier to advertise. Lots of great feedback about the designs. Some say its better when you receive it then on the site. Very great to hear that the quality speaks for itself. We have great feedback.

Dank Fashion

“Nothing beats the satisfaction of a happy customer. With you! How about your latest release, Royal Weed…well actually since we made the interview, you have released the ICE collection.. but look, we planned to address the Royal Weed so lets do that first…moving FAST lol”

Haha The Royal Weed Collection, is a really luxurious design we realized in collaboration with the Canadian photographer LeGrow Creative. We mixed together 7 different pics with almost all kind of cannabis products: there is a beautiful frosty plant, cristalline buds, several THC concentrates and diamonds from top cannabis brands!

Dank Fashion

How did you come across Legrow Creative and then approach him?

Being on Instagram is great and you can find out a lot from there and you can contact great brands, photographers and contact people in all senses. We communicated with a mutual appreciation. He is a great photographer.


“This is life, you know. Try to create something beautiful and attract like minded people. Then collaborate to create something close to perfection.

Lets move onto the new design, that’s one of the designs that I’m getting our Lovedank dove logo on, Ice. Really looking forward to wearing it and supporting the brand!”

Dank Fashion
Peep the mock ups custom orders we just put in to support the movement!

Jenny: That day I was so inspired and I wanted to create a new winter collection. I was looking for something related to nature, something really fresh and immediately thought that ice was the perfect element. I started working on that and we just created it that same day

Peppe:Yes, grabbing inspiration and running with that movement, and then just do it…

Dank Fashion

Future plans..

“Ok guys were are drawing to a close. 3 more questions and then a quickfire quiz for fun. What is your long term vision for the brand?”

Peppe: Basically, what we started with, the vision that is like no one before us and a vision that we started. We wanted be the first to market and be pioneers, take it all. There is the vision. Be the first brand you think of for weed wear. It’s us. From there we will keep going in anyway we can.

“Do you worry about people trying to copy or say, counterfeit your designs?”

Pepe:Yes this will happen, its happens to all brands. We are not too worried though, our work is not easy to copy and if someone ever does manages to do it, we believe it’s a waste of time. Real recognises real and quality always shines through.

Jenny:The logo are all displayed on products and branding is clear with all branding on the merchandise and everything. We hope our authenticity will bring us more then anyone else who can copy us.

Jenny at work

“Yeah I agree, being imitated is almost an indication of success. Ok so finally, before we do the quiz…

Anything specific planned for the future that you would like to tell us about?”

Extractor’s cup.

Jenny:In the future we have lots and lots of new projects. We have been approached and agreed to sponsor the Extractors Cup. That is super exciting for us.

Peppe: Yeah, that is so exciting. It is their first cup and they are just starting up. It is based in the UK, so we are very pleased to be involved. We also have something else, but for that you will have to wait and see.

“We wish you all the best with this and support your passion. Dank friends for life! We will catch you in the hotseat again in the future to see how your brand has risen further. That’s if we don’t find a way to collaborate sooner than that👀.”

Fun quiz to conclude..

Right lets do the quick-fire quiz? You have to pick between the two choices.


Bong or Dab?

Peppe: Okayy haha…Dab for sure.

Jenny: yeah, Dab, Dab.

Biggie or Tupac

Peppe: Oh man that’s a good one…but Tupac, yeah definitely Tupac

Jenny: I agree, Tupac.

Indica or Sativa?

Jenny: Indica

Peppe: We are the same hahahaha, Indica too.

Armani or Balenciaga

Jenny: Balenciaga

Peppe: Sorry what was the first one? Ohh yeah Balenciaga also.

Blunt or Joint?

Peppe: Blunt.

Jenny: Blunt

Pepsi or Coke?

Peppe & Jenny in unison: Coke hahahaha

Front or backstrap a joint?

What? (Both look confused and obviously have no idea what I mean, so I explain lol) Ohhh ok backstrap!! English is not our first language haha.

Sweet treats or savoury snacks?


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Blogpost commissioned & edited by Lovedank, with assistance from @otfd420. Instagram: @lovedankcollectables Instagram: @xmeltofficial

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